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Hutchings 2015 Web Catalog

Once our catalog opens, make sure to utilize the search function.
You can search by description (one / two word description works best); and or by part number.

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Mobile Friendly Catalog

Some of our customers have requested a mobile friendly version of our Catalog that can be use on a smartphone or tablet.
The below instructions will allow you to download it from Dropbox.

Instructions to download 2015 Hutchings Web Catalog on mobile devices:
    1. Select the below link (or copy and paste it into your browser) on your mobile device.


    2. If you are asked to sign up to Dropbox, ignore this pop up.
    3. Select the Download drop-down menu in the top right corner and select Direct Download.
    4. The download will take a few minutes due to the size of the file.
    5. Once it opens, select to open in the PDF viewer that you use on your mobile device (i.e. iBooks for Apple).
    6. It has now been saved onto your device and you can use the search function to jump to specific page numbers or search part numbers.
**Please note that the Table of Contents that is normally at the beginning of the catalog begins on page 745 in order to keep the page numbers correct.